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From start to finish, one of the most incredible and memorable experiences of any vacation. An absolute must-do
for Hawaii. The guide was so comforting, knowledgeable and encouraging. The atmosphere was so intimate.
The diversity and number of creatures we saw was absolutely mind blowing. If I could only recommend someone
to do one thing in Hawaii, it would be this. 100 out of 10.

– Becky

I had high hopes for this experience and even my high hopes were blown away by this experience! I absolutely love snorkeling and scuba diving! This is hands down the best experience I've had in the water. The nightlife was completely different at night and full of life! Don was very easy going and educational, with more than a few tricks
up his sleeve that I won't spoil on here. Thanks Landon and Levi for an experience I'll cherish for the rest of my life!!!

Don't miss this opportunity!!!

– James

What an incredible CAN NOT MISS experience! The sea life we encountered was unlike anything we expected or

had seen before. Landon's expertise, guidance and knowledge kept our attention and awe of life all around. We
were soon comfortable to explore in the cove as a group; and Don was always available for explanations. This was unlike ANY "tour" experience in our 24 years of travel - and we left with such an appreciation of the delicate species found in Hawaii.

– Laura

This was one of the most incredible tours I’ve ever done. Don showed us all sorts of animals we wouldn’t have been able to see otherwise. He had great stories about Hawaii and the animals we were looking at. We were slightly nervous about getting in the water after dark, but Don knows the area so well and has great gear so it was no problem at all. If I’m ever back in the area I will do this tour again!

– Jake


How I Got Started

ALOHA! My name is Landon and I am the owner and operator of

Hawaii Night Divers.  I stared HND in 2019 as a passion project that quickly grew into one of Hawaii's most premier ecotours.  My goal and aim was to introduce people to the amazing underwater world and its inhabitants and to leave people with a deep appreciation and desire to care for and protect our marine environments. 

My life and education have led to the creation of HND. From the time I was a young kid was constantly diving and exploring my local reefs and the animals that lived there. A growing passion and love for the marine environment led me to pursue an education in the field.


I graduated from BYU-Hawaii with a B.S. in Marine Biological Sciences. Additionally I hold professional freediving certifications and work as a professional Padi Divemaster. With my education, training and personal experiences I started HND with a clear goal; introduce people to the experience of a lifetime and help educate them about our fragile oceans so that they too may become advocates and stewards of our oceans and the animals that call them home.

I am very excited to meet you and bring you into my underwater world. Feel free to reach out with any questions and i will see you soon.



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